Halloween Hauntings [ October 2020 ]

The Halloween Hauntings update has arrived! Take a look below to see what’s new!

  • Halloween Maze (Accessible via the NPC near Spawn – look for the hologram directing you to him.)
  • 3 new Halloween-themed mobs (Pumpkin Man, Mummy, Ghosts)
  • Halloween crate (keys earned in the Maze either via defeating mobs or completing the maze – crate found at the end of the Maze)
  • 1 armour set (Dark Strider set (Craftable))
  • 2 new headpieces (Pumpkin Man’s Head and The Reaper’s Hood)
  • 3 new weapons (Pumpkin Man’s Axe, The Reaper’s Scythe and The Nightblade (Craftable))
  • 2 new consumables (Candy Corn and Bat Brew)
  • 1 new material (Ghost Essence)
  • Increased drop rates for Loot Goblin drops.
  • Increased time between in-chat announcements. (10 minutes to 20 minutes)
  • Updated the resourcepack for Halloween Hauntings update.

Halloween Maze


The Halloween Maze has arrived, and with it, some interesting new mobs to encounter, new loot to acquire and new perils to avoid! The Halloween Maze can be accessed via the Portal next to Spawn. Once there,  you’ll be able to attempt your escape from the Halloween Maze. If you succeed, you’ll be rewarded  with a Halloween Crate Key.

The Halloween Crate Key will allow you to open the Halloween Crate at the end of the Maze. Inside, you’ll find some Halloween-themed items, including some of the new consumables, or if you’re luck, a cosmetic crate! If you do find a cosmetic crate, you can open it at the Mystery Vault at Spawn.


Be prepared for a challenge, as mobs will spawn from Portals found within the maze itself. Not only that, but the Maze gives off a very strange feeling; you should be prepared for a challenge! As you explore, you may encounter some scary mobs, but killing them can be beneficial! You may acquire some candy corn, which when eaten, will provide you with a small speed boost! SUGAR RUSH! You may also receive a Halloween Crate key from these mobs, so if you’re feeling confident, why not extend your stay and see if you can farm some of those keys!


Fear not, adventurer! You will similarly encounter these spooky mobs in the wild as well! Additionally, undead mobs will be far more common during the Halloween period, so be prepared for that!