Welcome to the AsheniteMC FAQ! I hope this will give you a quick overview of the sort of things to expect with the Server!

What is the gameplay experience like?

Currently, we feature a slightly modified vanilla experience, with new custom mobs, new progression systems, such as our in-world ritual crafting, and new items/armor/weapons that you can unlock using new crafting materials obtained in the world.

What do some of these new custom mobs/items/armor do?

Our custom mobs all feature unique abilities and loot tables, making them a lot more challenging than the standard vanilla mobs. For example, you may encounter Bandit Camps during your adventures, who, when approach, will attempt to rob you of your valuable items!

A bandit camp attempting to rob the player.
A bandit camp attempting to rob the player.

Our custom ritual crafting system allows you to upgrade to much more powerful gear, such as End Guardian Armor, granting you additional abilities to augment your gameplay; this includes features such as the ability to teleport, summon meteors, gain additional stat boosts like increase speed or damage, and even protect you more than vanilla armour can!

How do I get <X>?

Currently, most items will feature either standard crafting table recipes, or will use our ritual crafting system to obtain them. You can find out more about the ritual crafting system on our (WIP) wiki here. You can also get access to certain resources via our Crate system. All of the custom mobs have a chance at dropping a themed crate key, relevant to the dimension you encounter the mob in!

An End crate, containing End-themed resources.

What is WhisperQuest?
WhisperQuest is an Hybrid RPG/Survival server currently in development. It features 6 classes, a quest-based storyline, NPCs to interact with, dungeons and numerous Hub worlds! You can find out more about the development at https://whisperquest.net/wiki/.

WhisperQuest, a new RPG experience for 1.16.4